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The motoring club for Pittsburgh area MINI enthusiasts
PittStopMINI Club, Inc - P.O. Box 4 Ingomar , PA 15127
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PittStopMINI’s Mo-Vember (motoring in November)


Sunday November 2nd, 2014


We would like to invite you to another PittRace track event on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014. From 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. we will have the whole track secured for the club.  The North Track, the Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA) and the Event Center will be at our disposal to enjoy.  We will be conducting a driver education day where you will be exploring the track and your MINI in a safe, controlled environment.  There is no racing, no mirror to mirror competition, just friendly autocross action on the VDA and learning vehicle dynamics at your own pace on the North Track.


The North Track will be set up in a manner that will enable you to test your vehicles handling capabilities in a safe environment at road legal speeds designed to keep speeds low and fun high! 


The VDA will be our autocross area and this always proves to be a fun bragging rights area for the "cone enthusiast”.

We have been running a safe, fun event for years and don’t be shy if you’re new to the track, come out and have fun with us.  We try to group everyone within their respective experience capabilities.  We will be providing a catered lunch and there will be plenty to do.

Aside from the usual activities, Vince has some special things planned to make this a great time for everyone, and has lined up some special surprises which he will have for the members to participate in and win.  (You’ll just have to wait until November!)


So plan to come out to our November event-- we like to call it Mo-Vember (Motoring in November).  The track is still quite pretty during this time of year and we might still have some autumn leaves on the trees.  Let's get our track fix in before the bad weather sets in. (Then come February we want bad weather for our annual Winter driving!)